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The Cosby compound falls under attack by aliens.

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The episode starts in the Aliens ship as it approaches Earth. The Alien 1 is on a call with Alien 2. They both agree they should approach with caution.

Mitchell and Cosbyette are lying in bed and Mitchell is talking to himself about how hard Cosby 100 training is. Cosbyette tells Mitchell that she's pregnant.

Cosby 100 makes a deal with Curiosity Cosby that if he gives him the cloning machine plans he will, in return, he offers him a night with Cosbyette. Curiosity Cosby gets very excited and agrees to get the plans.

An alarm suddenly sounds and Data Analysis Cosby rides in on BC-D2. Data Analysis Cosby tells Mitchell that they're under attack by some monster and that he dispatched Cosby Team Triosby.

Frequency Cosby shoots the Alien with a lightning blast and Humming Bird Cosby defecates a bomb and blows the Alien's eye off. Toothpaste Cosby turns into a slippery puddle and the Alien trips, crushing Frequency Cosby.

Before the credits, we see Curiosity Cosby's body in chunks and Droopy Cosby saying "Evil. Evil C...C...Cosby, you see, R...R...Rudy". Telling us that Evil Cosby killed Curiosity Cosby.

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House of Cosbys Episode 3

House of Cosbys Episode 3